Help! What is the size of my watch strap?

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What is my Watch Strap Size?

Watches come in various sizes and combinations with their watch straps, from 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, all the way up to 26 mm(We are talking about watch strap size here. Do not get confused with watch case size). It's no surprise many people are confused about it. Unfortunately, there is no one fixed size for every single watch. So which one should you choose?

Don't worry! Getting the right size is easier than you think!

Solution 1: The Watch Case Measurement

Measure the width in millimeters(mm) between the watch lugs. Measuring only from the inside of the lugs as shown in example 1.

Inaccurate readings can result in no fitting or loose fitting (there are gaps between the watch band to the watch). We also recommend taking the measurement using a pair of vernier calipers if not a ruler.


Solution 2The Watch Strap Measurement

Remove your existing watch strap. Measure the watch strap width from one end to another, as shown in Example 2.


Solution 3Find the Watch Manual

It's never wrong to check the technical specifications on your watches. The part you should be looking for is "lug width" or "strap width" or "strap size".


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